More {FREE} Printables for you from me!

Happy 4th of July to all my frieds and family out there!  I can't believe it's already here!  I've been so busy, I've been wanting to put a link out there to download a new FREE Printable from Emme & Me to you!  I know it's kind of late, but, hey, it's FREE!  Yay!  Print it out and use this year or save the file for next year!  I hope you enjoy your weekend!  I know we will, our plans are taking us out to the Lake and what better weekend before the 4th?'s the link for the {FRREE} download
(Use a 3.25" punch for the circles.  Here's a link for the punches I recommend)

Hope you Enjoy!
& Happy 4th!

Rubber Ducky Party & FREE Printables

Hi my friends!  My daughter, Emme, youngest of my three, just turned 9!  Her fav toy and hit of the 3rd grade this year are Rubber Duckies.  Who knew?  When she asked for a "rubber ducky" party, I was a little worried it would end up looking up like a baby shower, but she had a vision and I started on my plan, all of which I've created for you to download FREE here.

First we created an invite.  (which she loved, whew!!!)  I've tweaked it to be a fill-in invite so you can print it out for your party.  You can download the file FREE here.

Since I was making the invite, I decided to give you the whole package for FREE too! (invite, banner, candy buffet tags, thank you tags and game sheet) 

For the game, I've made a 8.5x11 printout of a ducky game.  The game is the same idea I'm sure you've seen at many showers where a tray is walked around the party-goers for a minute or two and after the girls had to write down all the ducks they remember being on the tray.  Some were pink with hearts, some looked like a wedding couple, one even looked like a unicorn!  Such cute "duckies" these are.  No wonder they're such a huge hit in the 3rd grade!
(Use a 3.25" circle punch on the candy jar tags and thank you tags.  I've put a link in the E&M store for the punches I use)

So, I'm sure you want to see the pictures of the party, so here they are: Enjoy, Kristy

Somewhat Simple

Summertime Fun

Finally the warm weather has come to visit!  I have been so looking forward to the nice weather.  Don't get me wrong, I love the cold weather probably more than the hot.  I love to snuggle under a blanket and get all warm and toasty by the fireplace!  But the kids just seem to need the sun and water.  I think I might just have a couple of fish on my hands, and not a couple of kids! 

Here's hoping your summertime activities include a little bit of water!


Bridging from Brownies

This week my daughter "bridged" from Brownies to Juniors in Girl Scouts.  This marks the end of her fourth year, first a Daisy, then a Brownie and now a Junior.  Along the way she has made so many great friends and fond memories.
Just wanted to share with you the flowers from Daddy & I to our Emme.


{texture tuesday} word eDition

seriously, can you believe a week has gone by since my last visit with you?  i mean, really?  what have i been up to?  i guess our family is starting to get geared up for the end of the school year, but is anyone else as perplexed as i am at how fast this year has just rolled by?  my kiddos are growing up way too fast, i wish i could stop the hands of time and live in these precious moments of their childhoods forever!  Anyone with me?  
on that note, while over at one of my daily visits to one of my fav sites, kim klassen's cafe, she is having another {texture tuesday}.  did you head over there last week when i gave you the link?  well, go, go, go!  this week's theme is {texture tuesday} word eDition.  since i've been wanting time to slow, i thought i'd work on a photo that i took of my son on a photo shoot at grandma's house.  my little man is so lovey i could just eat him up.  

"what i see is a GLIMPSE of what you will become"
texture "she loves me yeah" by kim klassen (x4)
word art by katie petite

and then, she {snapped}kimklassencafe

Photo Textue Love

Hello all my friends! So, I have to tell you about my new find! Her name is Kim Klassen and she is an amazing artist!  Like me, she is a self-taught Photoshop geek.  She makes all her textures for PS and PSE by hand, you should see some of her amazing textures. Can I just say, WOW!  Not only is she an amazing artist, but super duper generous.  She gives many of her textures away FREE and even has PS and PSE classes for FREE. Head on over to her site and let me know what you think!

I wanted to try some of her textures out for her {Texture Tuesday} - Garden Party eDition

Hydrengeas from my yard. 
I applied three of Kim's textures to this photo
{silence 75%, Sweetart 100% and Not too Shabby 100%)