Rubber Ducky Party & FREE Printables

Hi my friends!  My daughter, Emme, youngest of my three, just turned 9!  Her fav toy and hit of the 3rd grade this year are Rubber Duckies.  Who knew?  When she asked for a "rubber ducky" party, I was a little worried it would end up looking up like a baby shower, but she had a vision and I started on my plan, all of which I've created for you to download FREE here.

First we created an invite.  (which she loved, whew!!!)  I've tweaked it to be a fill-in invite so you can print it out for your party.  You can download the file FREE here.

Since I was making the invite, I decided to give you the whole package for FREE too! (invite, banner, candy buffet tags, thank you tags and game sheet) 

For the game, I've made a 8.5x11 printout of a ducky game.  The game is the same idea I'm sure you've seen at many showers where a tray is walked around the party-goers for a minute or two and after the girls had to write down all the ducks they remember being on the tray.  Some were pink with hearts, some looked like a wedding couple, one even looked like a unicorn!  Such cute "duckies" these are.  No wonder they're such a huge hit in the 3rd grade!
(Use a 3.25" circle punch on the candy jar tags and thank you tags.  I've put a link in the E&M store for the punches I use)

So, I'm sure you want to see the pictures of the party, so here they are: Enjoy, Kristy

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Anonymous said...

Amazing attention to detail. You really have a knack for making things look so pulled together. Xoxo Leslie. One of your biggest fans!!!

Katrina said...

You never cease to amaze me with all your creativity! Love it!

Life-n-Reflection said...

This turned out so cute! I love the candy bar!

rebecca said...

so beautiful!! :)

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