{texture tuesday} word eDition

seriously, can you believe a week has gone by since my last visit with you?  i mean, really?  what have i been up to?  i guess our family is starting to get geared up for the end of the school year, but is anyone else as perplexed as i am at how fast this year has just rolled by?  my kiddos are growing up way too fast, i wish i could stop the hands of time and live in these precious moments of their childhoods forever!  Anyone with me?  
on that note, while over at one of my daily visits to one of my fav sites, kim klassen's cafe, she is having another {texture tuesday}.  did you head over there last week when i gave you the link?  well, go, go, go!  this week's theme is {texture tuesday} word eDition.  since i've been wanting time to slow, i thought i'd work on a photo that i took of my son on a photo shoot at grandma's house.  my little man is so lovey i could just eat him up.  

"what i see is a GLIMPSE of what you will become"
texture "she loves me yeah" by kim klassen (x4)
word art by katie petite

and then, she {snapped}kimklassencafe

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Elena said...

Gorgeous pic. I absolutely love the texture! Great quote too!

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