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Ok, I don't even know how this much time has flown since I sat down to write to you all, but finally I'm here!  
Last weekend I had a little gathering of all my closest friends for our monthly book club meeting and the party was at my home.  The book I chose was actually a book that my Dad had given me this past Christmas, The Billionaire's Vinegar, by Benjamin Wallace. And being that we are a group of girls definitely into wine, I thought this would be a fun night to have a wine tasting party!

“Splendid...A delicious mystery that winds through musty European cellars, Jefferson-era France and Monticello, engravers' shops, a nuclear physics lab, rival auction houses and legendary multi-day tastings conducted by the shadowy German who had discovered the Jefferson collection...Ripe for Hollywood.”

—USA Today

 Ok, I have to confess one thing....I was a little frantic that I would have everything done in time for the girls' arrival, so my pictures I think suffered and you'll have to enjoy the few I even took.  Sorry about that.  
But, since I enjoy putting a smile on your faces, I'm going to link you up with the {FREE} printable banner!  Hope you like it.  I'm also adding a bonus: cheese tags (serve these cheeses with a sweet desert wine like Saunternes *yum*)

Well, gotta run!  I'm so exciting to be helping a friend of mine's daughter with thank you personalized tags for her colleagues!  Come back and visit soon and I'll post the results!

From Emme & Me, Kristy D

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Anonymous said...

I'm glad your wine party went well and I love the pictures of the "Wine Tasting" labels that I helped out with. And by the way, this is Katie(:

Jess said...

I stumbled across this looking for some simple decor for my wine club this weekend. Can't wait to use it!

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