school is here, enjoy these {free} lunchbox notes from silverbox

Well, it's inevitable, school is starting and it's starting soon (if you haven't already started).  I get so nostalgic around this time of year!  I worry my kids, now entering the 6th and 4th grades, will get lost in the shuffle, one of so many kiddos leaving their nests to feed their little noggins.  
So, I had a little idea: that I would try to make their days a little less frightening and let them know wherever Mommy is, I'm thinking about them.  I found the perfect solution: {free} printable lunchbox notes from Silverbox Creative Studio.  I stumbled upon these little cuties while browsing the net in search of inspiration for my idea.  Please pop on over and tell them I sent you!  They have even offered to create a custom set with personalized notes and images!  Just drop them a note!

Now go & spend as much time with those kiddos before school starts!  I sure know  am!

{wordless} wednesday

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{sun flare} Photos

A couple weekends ago my friend Trina (her blog is They All Call Me Mom) and I took a photo workshop from Jennifer McKinney (Her website is here) down in San Diego.  I tried my best to catch a perfect sun flare, but wanted to show you some of my results.  I'm just getting the hang of my new nifty Canon 60d, so no critiquing allowed...hee hee.  

{miette} my weekend

This weekend I wanted to spend some time baking with the kids and I just wanted to share with you a fantastic little pastry shop I {love} in San Francisco, Miette.  The owner is fantastic, Meg Ray.  She's so amazing in her attention to detail.  Finally, she's come out with an adorable book with lots of  yummy recipes that I thought I'd share with you:

and now a word from Meg...

Hope you enjoy your weekend, I know we are!

{letters} to my littles

With school starting so soon, and with a little prompt from mailbox moments, I have a whole head filled with memories of my little ones and how fast they are growing up.  

My oldest has already graduated from college and because of the {definitely not planned} space between the first and second kids, I still have the other two under my wing!  
It seems like just yesterday that my oldest was in kindergarten, then my second and then Emme, they baby girl gone from my side.  Every year around this time I have a very unsettling feeling, one of loss, of missing something in my life and our home.  And although I am not always home, and daddy is, the thought that you are not safe by one of our side's saddens me.  

This year our middle son goes into middle school, growing up and moving forward.  But all I want to tell him, all I want him to hear is how much I want him just to stay home, stay by our side.  But I know to tell him this is unacceptable. So to him I would say, go my son, go and thrive, go and hang with your friends, go and feed your hungry little brain, but when your day is done know that we will be here, waiting, craving for you to return to our side. 

And to our baby girl, Emme, there is no words that I could tell her that would impart to her my emotions that well up in me at this time of year.  Thank God she has this unfathonable connection with me where sometimes I think she just knows how I feel, knows just the right words I want to tell her.  She's such an old soul and for that I am grateful!  

Just moments ago when I sat at my computer to write this blog post, I fully intended to write a letter to my two youngest, give them my words of wisdom, share with them that they will be all right at school and that I will be home for them when their day is done.  But emotions just well up in me and I am glad I got them off my chest, because now I can sit and write them a letter, one I will put on the breakfast table the first day of school, one that might even bring a smile to their cute little faces!


{simple} 1st birthday cake

The other day my hubby and I went out to dinner with some new friends that have recently moved into the neighborhood.  We've seemed to really hit it off with our new friends and she had said that she heard I make cakes, cupcakes and cookies as one of my many hobbies....of course I had to show her my website, La Bella Bakery, because, if you know me at all, I can never seem to do anything without doing it for everyone! {wink} {wink} 

She was absolutely smitten and asked me to do her granddaughter's 1st birthday cake!  What an honor! Really!  When, you ask?  Oh, in S-I-X days ~ yikes!  But how could I turn her down when she had gushed over my goodies??  I had to do it.  It's {simple as that}!

My nine year old daughter Emme is following in her Mom's footsteps!  Without skipping a beat she picked up the chocolate fondant and started making the picket fence. I'm so incredibly proud of her!

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{blog anniversary} at Craftaholics Anonymous

Okay, I know you've seen that I love this blog I daily read, Craftaholics Anonymous.  I just wanted to send you over there for Linda's two year anniversary of her blog.  She's having a giveaway a day plus {shh....} a surprise!

Sunday she was having a giveaway to Bella Michele Jewelry and today she is having a giveaway to Blush Envy!  Both sites have yummy accessories!  Check them out!

Until next time, 

{FREE} mini photo book

MyPublisher Free Mini Photo Book

Hi girls!  Just wanted to post super quick this link I found for a free mini book!  It's super cute and I created one for my daughter's rubber ducky birthday party!  Super Easy Peasy and she {loved} it when it came in the mail!  But {HURRY} because the offer ends tomorrow 8/11/11.  Sorry for posting so late, but just found this link! Go, go, go!!

{Fabric Rose} Headband Tutorial

Okay, I thought I'd post something a little different today.  One of my daily reads is a gal, Linda @ Craftaholics Anonymous.  I am a hopeless craftaholic too and I just love to read all about her adventures in crafts.  Head on over there when you get the chance, I'm sure you'll love her site.  She's got {great} ideas and tutorials.  

Speaking of tutorials, I wanted to showcase one of her tutorials I just love, her fabric rosette headband tutorial!  {and Emme does too}! don't just have to put these little cuties on a headband.  What about a menu board for an adorable {girls birthday party}, a chalk board or even a picture frame.  Too cute!

Here's what you'll need:

And here's how to do it:

1. fold your fabric in half so that it measures 1.5″ x 22″. tie a knot in one end.
*Don’t pull tight. Leave it kind of loose.

2. Tuck under the short ends of the knot.

3. Take your fabric next to the knot and twist it up and over the knot.I twist from the bottom up.

4. Twist the fabric around the knot to create petals. *TIPS: Always twist in the same direction that you started with!

5. Continue twisting the fabric around.
*TIP: If using 1 sided fabric, make sure to keep your fabric folded in half prior to twisting to hide the wrong side of the fabric.

6. When your rosette reaches the desired size, snip off the remaining fabric.
*TIP: For a larger rosette, use a longer piece of fabric. ex: 3″x28″

7. Twist and tuck under the end of the fabric. Hot glue in place.

8. Hot glue your fabric or felt circle on the back of the rosette. Be sure to cover the ends of the fabric! Trim your circle if needed so that it doesn’t show when looking at the right side of the rosette.

9. You’re done! Simply attach your rosette to a pin, hair clip, frame, or whatever you want to adorn! You can also add rhinestones, button, pearls, etc to the center of the rosettes for a different look.

Thanks Linda for such a great tutorial!  

Until next time,
Emme & Me