{letters} to my littles

With school starting so soon, and with a little prompt from mailbox moments, I have a whole head filled with memories of my little ones and how fast they are growing up.  

My oldest has already graduated from college and because of the {definitely not planned} space between the first and second kids, I still have the other two under my wing!  
It seems like just yesterday that my oldest was in kindergarten, then my second and then Emme, they baby girl gone from my side.  Every year around this time I have a very unsettling feeling, one of loss, of missing something in my life and our home.  And although I am not always home, and daddy is, the thought that you are not safe by one of our side's saddens me.  

This year our middle son goes into middle school, growing up and moving forward.  But all I want to tell him, all I want him to hear is how much I want him just to stay home, stay by our side.  But I know to tell him this is unacceptable. So to him I would say, go my son, go and thrive, go and hang with your friends, go and feed your hungry little brain, but when your day is done know that we will be here, waiting, craving for you to return to our side. 

And to our baby girl, Emme, there is no words that I could tell her that would impart to her my emotions that well up in me at this time of year.  Thank God she has this unfathonable connection with me where sometimes I think she just knows how I feel, knows just the right words I want to tell her.  She's such an old soul and for that I am grateful!  

Just moments ago when I sat at my computer to write this blog post, I fully intended to write a letter to my two youngest, give them my words of wisdom, share with them that they will be all right at school and that I will be home for them when their day is done.  But emotions just well up in me and I am glad I got them off my chest, because now I can sit and write them a letter, one I will put on the breakfast table the first day of school, one that might even bring a smile to their cute little faces!



Kendra said...

your kids are very cute! they grow up so fast! :) thanks so much for linking up at our blog!

i am a new follower too! :)

Pati @ A Crafty Escape said...

That was beautiful... it's so hard to let them go when you love them so much.

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