{simple} 1st birthday cake

The other day my hubby and I went out to dinner with some new friends that have recently moved into the neighborhood.  We've seemed to really hit it off with our new friends and she had said that she heard I make cakes, cupcakes and cookies as one of my many hobbies....of course I had to show her my website, La Bella Bakery, because, if you know me at all, I can never seem to do anything without doing it for everyone! {wink} {wink} 

She was absolutely smitten and asked me to do her granddaughter's 1st birthday cake!  What an honor! Really!  When, you ask?  Oh, in S-I-X days ~ yikes!  But how could I turn her down when she had gushed over my goodies??  I had to do it.  It's {simple as that}!

My nine year old daughter Emme is following in her Mom's footsteps!  Without skipping a beat she picked up the chocolate fondant and started making the picket fence. I'm so incredibly proud of her!

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Sara said...

So cute! Thanks for sharing :)

Kim T. said...

That is so cute!!

CraftyMummy said...

There's nothing simple about this - it's amazing! am in awe of people like yourself who create fabulous cakes. My best effort is round with icing and sprinkles!

Katrina said...

Kristy this is awesome! What a fabulous cake! And wow, Em did the fence? I just can't believe that. Well, actually I can...since she's YOUR daughter :)

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