{fall} my favorite time of year!

Okay, so, first off, I have to say I didn't mean to leave my little blog for so long and all of you out there who are kind enough to come and visit me!  My life got a little hectic and our family is gearing up for a little move, so I'm really trying to get things organized!  We're going to be leasing out our home, which to me is like another one of my little kiddos!  We purchased it when it was still a little dirt field and plans on a paper and have watched it become a wooden "skeleton" to our very own home!  This was the first house I brought Emme home to and the only one she has ever lived in, so to leave this home is very emotional to me.  I know we're not getting rid of it, only leasing it out for a season of our lives, but it is still hard for me to be leaving it for any time at all!

Well, enough of that!  I'm back and wanted to share with you some little signage I made just for you!  Since the Fall brings the beginning of my favorite time of year, I thought I would make you one sign for Fall and one for Halloween!  I hope you enjoy!  They're 8x10 pfd files so if you send them to your local printshop (Staples, OfficeMax, etc) you can get great color copy prints for just pennies!  

Download it {free} here or just click on the image. 

and another {free} signage here for Halloween

I really hope you enjoy the new printables...oh, and if you do....please spread the word for me, ok?

Happy Fall!

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