{sniff}{sniff}....why me? why now?

The other day was the first day of school, as you all know.  And what do I do {every} year on the first day of school?  Why take a picture of the kiddos, of course!  {every} year, {same} place!  Only this year, as I was changing lenses, I chose to set my new 50mm portrait lens on my hubby's truck.  It was convenient and besides what could possibly happen?  Right?  Well let me tell you....

Hubby comes out, of course, to make my photo session with the kiddos a little bit crazier!  Always razzing the kids!  That man ~ man-o-man ~ he is always joking and kiddin' around!  But today he happens to notice his truck's window is down.  He {never} leaves his window down!  And in the blink of an eye, overnight, he had gotten his iPhone stolen out of his truck!  I felt so terrible for him!  He was so distraught over loosing it!  Poor guy!  He was so distraught over it that when I asked him to hand me my lens, he picked it up, reached over behind him to hand it off....only he didn't quite hand it off....it kinda' just touched the tips of my fingers and.......SMASH!  all over the ground in tiny little pieces was my new lens {sniff}{sniff}..I'm so sad =(

Any why me?  why now?  I was so excited to take this online photo session over at Willette Designs.  It's her new {joy} series, family {joy}!

willette family joy

So keep your fingers crossed for me, ok, pretty please, that I get my lens back from the Canon Repair Center before family {joy}!

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Katrina said...

Oh! Such a bummer!
You know, today was Andrew's first day of preschool. And of course I was running late. And so I hurriedly grabbed my camera as I got out of the car, with the same hand that I was holding my purse and my keys (so that my free and uncluttered hand could shut my car door without risk of scratching the paint) and just as I was slamming the door shut, my camera flew out of my hand in sloooooww motion and fell to the floor. It didn't just fall to the floor, like right by my feet. Oh no, it flew a bit. It actually got LIFT and landed a few feet away from me. YES my new Canon 60D. My heart practically stopped! I quickly picked it up and apologized over and over, "Oh...I'm so sorry I dropped you! Please don't be broken! I'm sorry I'm sorry I'm sorry!!!" So I then rushed into Andrew's classroom and snapped pictures of him, not even looking to see if it was working or not (I was nervous to find out!) Once I got back into my car, I checked to see if the photos were on the camera. And they were! So then I examined my camera, lens and all...checking for damage. Except for a few scraped from where it landed, all seems to be well. LUCK!!!

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